6 Ways to Make Your Garden Safer for Kids

While parents will often do a lot to keep their home safe, they may not spend as much time thinking about the hazards lurking in the garden. From trips and falls to cuts, there are lots of accidents that can happen outdoors, so here are some tips to make your garden safer for small people.

  1. Check trees and shrubs

There are many ways that trees and shrubs can present a danger in your garden. For example, loose branches or sharp branches at a low level could both cause potential accidents when kids are around. You may also need to cut lower branches to stop kids climbing trees. Get the experts round to carry out tree lopping in Perth and give yourself peace of mind.

  1. Rusty metals

There can be many sources of rusty, sharp metals in your garden:

  • Old garden furniture
  • Old gates and fencing
  • Nails poking out of fences
  • Any old rubble that has been left behind

Make sure any sharp corners are filed down and painted with metal-friendly paint, as this will help avoid cuts and infections.

  1. Sand down splinters

Another injury kids often sustain in the garden is splinters. While they aren’t serious, they are painful and annoying, so it’s better to try and avoid them. Make sure wooden surfaces such as:

  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Wooden seats

Are all sanded down and treated, so they are splinter-free and last for longer.

  1. Keep garden toys safe

Unfortunately, a lot of the fun stuff we buy for kids to play with in the garden can be dangerous. Trampolines are one of the biggest causes of kids needing A&E treatment, leading to all sorts of injuries from muscle sprains to fractures. Make sure kids under six stay off trampolines, and they’re only used by one child at a time.

Items like bikes and scooters can also be dangerous if used without a helmet. While your child may feel silly wearing a helmet and protective pads in the garden, it’s a good idea as it helps them avoid injuries if they fall.

  1. Protect them from barbecues and fire pits

Spending time in the garden during the summer inevitably means a barbecue, but this can be dangerous when kids are around. Consider using a fenced off area when you barbecue. When it comes to things like fire pits, wait until the kids are in bed to light them, as kids can’t resist getting close to fires.

  1. Use soft wood chips under play equipment

When you visit a public park, you’ll notice there are soft surfaces under the play equipment that can cushion any falls. You can buy this woodchip and place it under your own swings and anywhere it’s needed, which can help prevent some of the worst injuries.

Keeping the garden safe often just means a few adjustments and taking some basic safety measures. This ensures your kids can play in the garden without you having to worry, and you get some peace and quiet while they burn off energy.

Post Author: Mia Daniel