What Are the Signs of a Termite Infestation in Cedar Park, Texas? 

Termites are attracted to wooden structures. These tiny little ant look-alike insects come in swarms to consume wood as their food. Factors that contribute to the newly created termites include a rise in temperatures, moisture from leaking pipelines, poor airflow, improper drainage, barometric pressure, and wind and weather changes. Wherever in the world you may be leaving, termites don’t require time to attack, keeping people out of sight. You’ll find them destroying wooden materials like cupboards, items made of fibers that are not too hard. You may take the help of pest control Cedar Park, TX in such a situation. In this blog, you will read about the signs of termite infestation

Signs of a termite infestation 

They are as follows. 


A large group of insects tends to destroy a fully furnished home. These termite swarms can be seen only by the people, and it is too late because the attack on wood fibers has already started destroying a whole house only to create a new colony.

Hollowed timber damage

The signs for termites entering homes are empty wooden houses or buildings near forest areas with cracked walls and surfaces. To know if the space or room is open, tap with mechanical tools for window frames, wooden interior boards, and other architectures. If a hollow sound gets detected quickly, you need help before it is too late. 

Wood damaged in exteriors 

Wooden items and areas are prone to get damaged by termite infestation. Sites that are bare and rotten, especially wooden furniture, cupboards, walls, etc., are signs of a termite attack happening soon or one that has already happened. Make sure to call a professional if you see this type of destruction. 

Fallen trees can land you in trouble.

Trees that are damaged or fallen nearby your property or on your house are a sign of termite infestation. To avoid the risk of termites entering the home, check the fallen tree thoroughly. Looking for smaller holes and checking the tree base are some of the best places for termites. 

Discarded wings 

The wings themselves are the sign of termites entering homes for creating a new home. When termites mature, they go hunting for new homes in this process, and they shed their wings as the wings are no longer needed. The wings are signs of termites in your houses and can be on basement windows or cobwebs; this is the call to see a professional soon. 


People can protect their houses and be cautious about the termites’ infestation in many other ways, like eliminating wood coming in contact with the ground, moisture, and the most essential is seeking help from professionals. 

Post Author: Mia Daniel